Our Flag’s Symbolism



Considering our flag we find two virgin saints begging us to accept their patronage. In the thirteen red and white stripes we find St. Philomena. (Thirteen is her number and red and white are her colors.) In the blue square with fifty white stars we find Our Lady, Queen of Virgins and of Saints. (Blue is her color, she is often symbolized by stars, and there are fifty Hail Marys in the Rosary.) In these two Virgins we see what our country must become once again:

  • They are Virgins and call our country to repent of its many impurities (sodomy, sexual abuse, mistreating of women, fornication, pornography, divorce and remarriage, etc.).
  • Our Lady, who conceived the Christ Child by the Holy Spirit while yet an unmarried virgin and therefore experienced a sort of “unplanned pregnancy”, risked being stoned to death and yet welcomed the life of her Divine Child. (Though…

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