My Two Dreams Regarding St. Philomena


“Our accursed enemy is this great Virgin and Martyr, St. Philomena. Devotion to her is a new and terrible warfare to hell.”
— devils during an exorcism


(age 19 or 20, Aug or Sep or Oct 2014)

In the back hall of my parish church, I found my baby brother struggling in the arms of what appeared to be a woman with short brown hair that I understood to be a demon associated with abortion.  He was scratching at her face, which became hideously ugly.  I cried out in a loud, confident voice: “St. Philomena, pray for us! St. Philomena, always defend us!”. The demon screamed at the first invocation, and vanished at the second.  I took my brother in my arms and gave him to our mother on the flat roof of a building I did not recognize.  He had a small scratch on his face but other than that was OK.  My dreams are usually either horrid nightmares or bizarre nonsense, so when I have a more spiritual dream that actually makes sense, I tend to take notice.



(age 20, Spring 2015?)

I woke up in the morning in my bed and was startled to see a 2-4 foot brownish snake (I think it might have resembled a copperhead.), that I understood to be demonic, slithering and hissing on the floor by the side of my bed.  I was invoking different  saints’ names but the snake remained unaffected.  I involved the holy name of Mary and the snake gave a violent jerk and was clearly disturbed but still did not leave.  I finally invoked the name of Philomena and the snake darted out my door very quickly.  



(Spring 2015, and September 2016)

Upon meditating on this dream sometime later, I reasoned that since no saint’s name — however great — could ever surpass in power  that of the Queen of All Saints and that the most holy name of Mary held more than enough power to drive all hell away in an instant, the only logical conclusion must be that even though Mary’s name was more than sufficient to banish the serpent, she didn’t want to drive it away except through the invocation of Philomena’s name after her own.  Just like Jesus likes to do most things through His Mother, Mary wanted to do this act through her daughter Philomena.

Upon further meditation  while I was retreating with nuns in September of next year, I recalled that I often — in my exhortations  to the Spiritual Army for the Soul of America — I have often referred to Liberalism as a serpent that needs to be crushed  and a demon that must be driven away.  It is now my ever stronger theory and belief that the Immaculate Virgin herself desires that St. Philomena be made co-patroness of  the United States of America under the Immaculate Conception  and that she will not heal our nation from Liberalism until we grant her desire and begin to call upon this virgin and martyr of fourth century Rome  in union with our calling on her.  Although I admit I have no apparent cause for believing this  to be dogmatically certain (and I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone who called me crazy for even saying all this), I very strongly believe this to be most likely the case.  I have resolved to say a special chaplet to St. Philomena every Friday (day she was martyred) for this intention of Our Lady’s to be granted.

GBA! (God bless America!)

st philomena


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